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This is the signup post to join the Big Brothers/Big Sisters subgroup of the Welcoming Committee. Characters who are already members of the Welcoming Committee do not need to be signed up for this subgroup in order to participate. Likewise, players who want their characters to greet one particular newbie do not need to sign up in order to do that on an individual basis. IC signups are presumed to have happened and are being handwaved.

Please comment with your character's full name in order to be added to the list!

    Big Siblings
  • Allenby Beardsley
  • Anwei Ayles
  • Guru Clef
  • Hiccup
  • Hououji Fuu
  • Paco Guzman
  • Presea
  • Roger Maxson
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||Pod Release Protocols Initiating...||

Stacy's familiar voice sounds out to all the podmates through the ship. In the Pod Caverns, there are the sounds of: Pop. Poppop. KASCHUNKhiiiiiiiissssss.

There was nothing. You were going about your normal life, then there was a bright light, and then? Nothing.

Then the world lurches. The chamber here is humid. Actually, "chamber" isn't quite accurate. You're in a cavern, half-lit by an eerie greenish light, going on and on as far as the eye can see. The light is coming from what can only be described as pods, glistening, round greenish-yellow things, glowing with a pale inner light, outlining human — and not quite human — forms. Each is rooted to the floor, to the walls, with something black, twisted, and unidentifiable. They line the walls of the cavern, go up in maddeningly high columns, curling and corkscrewing up into the darkness, until the light from them is like that of the stars, glowing pale and mournful in clusters in the darkness above. Twisted walkways and stairs crisscross, traverse the platforms in front of the pods, wending their way back and forth, up and down through the chamber.

You just came from one of those pods, broke free like a butterfly from a (slimy, nasty) chrysalis. Now you stand alone but not quite alone, naked, not knowing how you got there, who took you, or why you were taken. As your body heats up again, you realize the air is warm — just a few degrees too warm to be comfortable — and muggy; it smells acrid and organic, like freshly spilt blood and sweat. Your mouth tastes of salt.

The floors are pulsing under your feet, throbbing. Wherever you are, this entire alive.

Oh, and also you're naked and covered in alien snot.

When you call out, ask where you are, a voice speaks to you, in your head. She tells you: ||You are here.||

When you ask who she is, she tells you that her name is STA'C K'LTRRB'TXFT, but that you may call her Stacy. When she tells you who she is, there is a gush of emotion, love, maternal warmth. You are on a ship. She is that ship. Her name is Stacy and she loves you. Her voice is warm and motherly, even if these messages sound almost automated.

Glowing phosphorescent lights appear in pustules along the floor. They lead you up a massive spiraling walkway that gives you a view of what are possibly millions in stasis. At the top is a room with moving vines that clean you and clothe you in a plant-like body-suit--soft, but durable. After that, the lights lead you to a great cavernous room with a clear floor that lets you see all the holes and tunnels in the walls of it. When you reach the center, the last thing she tells you before whisking you away to gather your belongings and meet the rest of the crew is this reassuring thought:

||You have been Chosen to accomplish a Great Purpose. You have been Chosen to help save the Multiverse from Destroyers of Worlds. You have been Chosen as champions of life, as protectors of the worlds and peoples that are left. The others are waiting for you.||

A vast chamber with countless shelves and lockers has your belongings in them. Before you're whisked off even further up the transport tubes to the Living Areas of the ship, a comm-ring and a device called an omnicom is pressed into your hands by a tentacle. A guide autoplays telling you the cold, impossible truth:

Your world is gone and your only chance to restore it may lie in discovering the well-guarded secrets of the horrible beings that destroyed it in the first place. The fate of every reality and timeline that has ever been and ever will be rests on your shoulders.

Welcome to the Meatship.
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Fill the template out as if your character has just walked in for their physical, and as if a medic has assisted with it to ensure all data is accurate. Remember, this is what is going to be in their files for future treatment, and the medics will be double-checking.

Post it to your character's journal, and copypasta the link into a comment here!
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Going on hiatus? Not a problem. We just ask that you let us know, so we can keep track of who is still here, but not totally around at the moment, especially for when activity check time rolls around. Just copy/paste the handy dandy form.

Player handle:
Start of hiatus date:
Expected return date: (Can leave blank or say "Don't know")
Is this an extended hiatus?: (Yes/No)

And please comment on your initial hiatus post when you are back. Thanks, guys.
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In order to create a sustainable micro-ecosystem in Hydroponics, a number of compatible species of alien fauna were collected and placed within. Each creature is implanted with a monitoring chip, which also doubles as a control mechanism. A designated "keeper" from the crew can have the chip activate, which enhances the creature's natural stress-combating mechanisms, causing them to become much more docile. Also, if the creature becomes hostile towards a crew-member for any reason, the chip will activate and cause the creature to fall into an unconscious state, which a keeper can then revive them from.

Upon the opening of the Hydroponics section, information on all of the fauna within will be available to the crew. Some of the creatures in the Hydroponics section are as follows:

Stilt Glider: Lithe, graceful herbivorous creatures, these are among the most common creatures in the Hydroponics section. They typically move by prancing around in a manner typically described as "deer-like", but the wing like growths on their backs allow them to glide for short distances as well. This gives the impression that gravity affects them less as they hop around, gliding softly to the ground. They are adept at avoiding predators, but some eventually are caught. Due to their abundance, they are the typical prey animals for predators on the ship.

Skyyrk: Bipedal avianoid creature with ape-like intelligence and movement. Long, wiry bodies were the result of the slightly low-gravity environment from their world of origin. They have oddly shaped heads with a pronounced cranium and an elongated "snout" which has a beak at the end of it. Their hands have opposable thumbs, allowing them to make use of crude tools to gather food. They are also covered in soft, quill-like feathers. A very social and friendly species, these creatures were chosen due to their generally calming effect on sentient species that find their behavior endearing. However, they can be very protective of their young, and are known to attack keepers on occasion who get too close to their children. They are an omnivorous species, preferring small insects and fruits.

Quoran Tree-Eater: A large, quadrupedal creature, with stalked eyes, an insect-like mandible, and two arm-like appendages for reaching the tops of trees. Normally these solitary, herbivorous creatures eat only the leaves of trees, but in times of scarcity (such as winter) they can also eat the actual trees themselves. These creatures are slow moving due to the lack of natural predators, but they are known to be somewhat skittish at the approach of other animals.

Rajkan Night-Runner: A nocturnal, quadrupedal predator. A solitary hunter, despite its similarities to the Earth wolf. While swift and most certainly capable of hunting small, swift prey, it prefers going after larger, slower herbivores. It typically hunts in a hit-and-run style, pouncing unseen at their prey and taking off a large chunk of meat before dashing back off into hiding, repeating the process until its prey is dead or it has eaten enough. Extensive work was done to "train" these animals to avoid sentient creatures before allowing them to reside in the Hydroponics section of the ship.

Morl: A plant-like flying creature. They originate from a jungle world, with a rather humid atmosphere. Though capable of some flight, mostly they use their wings to float on pockets of hot-air, gliding from tree to tree on leathery wings. Their primary diet typically consists of small fruits.

Leenkant: A swift predator creature with a silhouette similar to a prehistoric Earth raptor. These creatures typically hunt in packs of 3 to 4, chasing after small and larger creatures alike. It typically kills its prey by slashing at it with its four normally retracted arms, each with claws coated in a mild venom that slowly paralyzes the prey. Like the Night-Runners, these creatures underwent "training" to keep them from attacking sentients.

Kyth Grub-Mole: Small, subterranean herbivorous creatures, the size of a small house pet. They spend most of the day burrowed, but emerge when it is time to eat, typically searching for low-growing fruit and leaves. Though skittish, they are rather friendly creatures (they respond well to being rolled around, as this is similar to their way of playing with each other). Due to their endearing behavior, they are typically used as ship-pets to boost morale. However, they do have a tendency to attempt to make "burrows" out of their master's belongings, especially clothes or something else that has their scent.

Fleth Deer: Another deer-like species, especially notable for its bioluminescence. They appear to be active at all hours, but in reality this is because some members of he species are diurnal and others are nocturnal. They are shy, flighty, non-violent creatures but not terribly intelligent. They are a favored prey species.

There are a number of lesser creatures, from bird-like avian creatures, to fish like creatures, to small, rodent-like creatures, but there is little of note about these creatures.

Drop Post

Oct. 20th, 2009 06:17 pm
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If you're dropping a character or the game, copy pasta the following form, whichever is applicable, please put "Drop" in the comment subject (so that it shows up on the notification in our email), and comment. (Also, please note, if you'd ever like to come back or re-app a character, just send us an email. We typically hold apps indefinitely).

If you're just dropping a character:

Character Drop
Player Handle:
Character Name(s):
Character Journal(s):

If you're dropping the game entirely:

Game Drop
Player Handle:
Character Name(s):
Character Journal(s):

And finally, when you drop, please remove your journal/s from the comms. Thank you!
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If you're new to the game, these people can help you out during the whole Podpop Intro Process if you have questions. Feel free to email or IM any of them. They've all volunteered to help and don't mind being contacted out of the blue.


This will be updated soon! Please stay tuned.

If none of the newbie helpers is around, or you have a question specifically for them, as always, you can contact...

Main Mod Email: transmigration9 [at] gmail [dot] com

Rini -- EMAIL: swirlydarkness [at]gmail[dot]com | AIM: Katarini Damacy
Shae -- EMAIL: umi.mikazuki [at] gmail [dot] com | AIM: WpnSpc Ironhide
Karl -- EMAIL: nowak34 [at] hotmail [dot] com | AIM: raejin99
Pixle -- EMAIL: Pixled [at] gmail [dot] com | AIM: Slr Fireruby
Funk -- EMAIL: cantfakethefunk [at] gmail [dot] com | AIM: Funkadelict7of11
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